New NYSE ARCA Equities FIX Gateway is Up

Our old FIX gateway served us very well but it's time to put it out to pasture and replace it with a new improved FIX gateway.

We recently replaced our NYSE ARCA Equities FIX gateway with a new improved FIX gateway based on the same technology platform as the ArcaDirect platform. The result is a robust stable platform with markedly improved performance and functionality. The response times went from 1.5 millisecond averages with 26 millisecond 99th percentile in the old gateway to just over 200 microsecond averages with 600 microsecond 99th percentiles in the new gateway. The stability and operational management of the platform are dramatically improved in this new architecture.

In addition to the performance and stability enhancements we are also offering functionality in the logon which allows our customers to set properties on their sessions without having to call ARCA to set the properties. Properties like cancel on disconnect, execboker, liquidity tag, etc.. can now be set by the customer initiating the connection to our gateway. This provides a more flexible platform while reducing the possibility of configuration errors.

I highly recommend this gateway to all our FIX customers. Many customers are already testing the new FIX gateway. Please call the firm testing group at 888 689 7739 (option 2) for more information and to get setup in our test environment. Note: for now we can support equities only. Our remaining exchanges and trading platforms will be added throughout 2012.

Thanks, Dave