Jul 19 2011 | 2:00 PM

When I look at where messaging technology is today, I am amazed that most solutions still rely on an IP stack that dates back to the seventies, with only minor enhancements. In that same timeframe, networks have gone from 10 Megabit shared to 10 Gigabit switched and Intel processors have advanced from the 286 with about five MIPS of processing power, to today’s latest generation processors with over 100,000 MIPS. Bottom line, messaging software has not innovated anywhere near as fast as hardware and it has become the bottleneck to performance.

To address these failings, we launched Data Fabric over three years ago. From the start, Data Fabric was designed and engineered to take advantage of next generation hardware. By leveraging technology from companies such as Intel and Mellanox , Data Fabric delivers unprecedented performance with unmatched...

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