The Future of Exchanges

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What will the exchange landscape look like in ten years?

The Deal Economy 2012 conference was held at the NYSE last week and this was one of the questions put to panelists. Barry Silbert, CEO of SecondMarket, predicts an abundance of alternative exchanges bridging the gap between totally private exchanges (like SecondMarket) and public ones (like NYSE). Deborah Farrington, General Partner of StarVest, agreed with Silbert, but took it one step further predicting new kinds of exchanges, like the recently launched Receivables Exchange, that will give companies a range of choices for raising capital. David Ethridge, SVP of NYSE Euronext, took a slightly different view predicting the rise of global exchanges offering end-to-end solutions for investors and issuers alike.

What do you think the future of capital raising for companies will look like?

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