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Marco Bianchi
13 Jun, 2011 | 11:40 AM
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Just wanted to update you on the latest in our migration of the mini MSCI Emerging Markets Index futures and mini MSCI EAFE Index futures to NYSE Liffe U.S. As of Friday’s close, our combined open interest in the two contracts stood at almost 40,000. For the September expirations only, the open interest topped 24,000. Both of these are record levels for the contracts on our exchange. ...
Ray Pellecchia
7 Jun, 2011 | 09:01 AM
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Marco Bianchi
6 Jun, 2011 | 11:11 AM
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Hello everyone! I just wanted to highlight Friday’s market statistics update which notes (without much fanfare I might add) that we crossed 400,000 in total Open Interest on NYSE Liffe U.S.!!! Again, we thank our customers and market participants for their continued and tangible support to our market, across asset classes. Next up, the transfer of Open Interest in futures based on the benchmark MSCI EM and MSCI EAFE indices from the CME to NYSE Liffe U.S. by June 17. Oh yeah…I can’t forget to mention that we printed another block trade of 20,000 on Friday as well! ...