NYSE Plus Weight Watchers: A Healthy Partnership

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 19:  A jogger runs through...

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In addition to the market model, visibility, community and market intelligence - one of the most important pieces of our value proposition is partnering with our listed companies. Last week, NYSE Euronext announced a partnership with Weight Watchers (WTW) to provide its employees with valuable health programs. This creative and mutually beneficial program offers Weight Watchers access to NYSE Euronext’s employees while lowering their overhead costs and provides the NYSE with an effective tool to encourage healthy eating habits and support for its employees.  A win win!

Bloomberg published the following article “Weight Watchers Rises Most Since May on NYSE Partnership.” As opposed to just being a listings platform, a partnership can make a real difference both on the relationship as well as on the bottom line. We continuously strive to leverage our community, our network and our platform to create successful partnerships to help our listed company’s businesses succeed.

If you feel as though there are opportunities for a partnership that you haven’t already discussed with us, please get in touch with your NYSE representative.