A Quick Note to NYSE Liffe U.S. Customers

A quick note to our customers from Tom Callahan, CEO of NYSE Liffe US:

I’d like to thank our customers for allowing us to cross a significant milestone yesterday in our Eurodollar market: we traded over 111,000 in volume, our first day to crack the 100,000 barrier. This is great progress for only our 9th day of live operation in these contracts, and it is 100% thanks to the strong support that we receive every day from our customers, partners and market makers.

We are getting encouraging feedback from you every day. You are telling us that our market is active, liquid and healthy. While I am grateful we have made a positive first impression, let me assure you that we are only just getting started. Our platform is built upon the innovation and capital efficiency of NYPC, and the reality is that launching a new clearing house is a great operational challenge for both ourselves and our customers.

We have a fantastic pipeline of new customers that are currently working through the integration process, and we expect them to be coming into our market in the coming days and weeks. That means our markets will only grow deeper, more liquid and more active as our customer base expands. None of this would be possible without the amazing support you have all given us.  

So on behalf of Lynn, Marco, Walt and the rest of our team, please accept our most sincere thanks. We are working hard to build you a viable competitive choice for your interest rate business, and we look forward to celebrating future success together.

All the best,