NYSE Liffe U.S. Interest Rate Futures: Another Day, Another Milestone!

From my colleague Eric Ryan:

So we’re now in our fourth day of trading Eurodollar futures on NYSE Liffe U.S. and I think I can speak for the team when I say, “WOW!!!”  Yesterday we traded just over 60,000 contracts up from 20,000 on Tuesday and today you ask???   We’re already at 24,000 at 11:30 EDT today!!!

The support we’ve received from our customers, market makers and partners has been overwhelming.  Each day we’ve grown substantially from the previous one, and we hope that everyone is really beginning to see the benefits and efficiencies of trading on NYSE Liffe U.S. and clearing on New York Portfolio Clearing (NYPC).

We have always felt strongly about the value we were going to offer the market but it’s really up to the users to give it the liquidity and the activity that it needs to take off.  So far, we have been astonished by what we’ve seen and encouraged by the response…so again, our deepest thanks to everyone involved!  We won’t stop innovating for YOU.

As you can imagine, we aren’t resting just yet (or maybe ever)!  My colleague and future blogger, Marco Bianchi reminded me that the strong progress with our Eurodollar futures volume is great but we still have the upcoming launch of Treasury futures on Monday, March 28! 

With Treasuries in the fold, our full suite of interest rate futures will be available to everyone.  Meaning, the capital efficiencies and operational advancements we’ve built our revolutionary trading and clearing model around will be fully rolled out to the marketplace.  Very exciting indeed!

As Marco told me, “The first chapter of the book is almost done.  Chapter 2 begins on Monday, building the new marketplace.”  Looks like we’ll all need a good weekend’s rest for this one!  Onward and upward…