NYX 360: 8 August, 2011

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Markets brace for downgrade’s toll – WSJ

What’s an investor to do now? Veteran of '87 crash has some insights
 – Digital Journal

Keep calm and carry on – Heidi N. Moore

‘Flash crash’ fail-safes bent but didn’t break in selloff – WSJ

Bonds plug into electronic revolution in Europe – Financial News

NYSE Euronext announces trading volumes for July 2011 – NYX

- Derivatives up 13% on strong U.S options

- Cash mixed; Europe up 16%, U.S. down 24%

- NYSE Liffe U.S. open interest over 800,000 contracts

Don’t panic about the stock market – Burton Malkiel/WSJ

Autism Speaks to young professionals at NYSE – Autism Speaks blog

Corporate volunteerism impacts bottom line – Forbes

Survey of charitable efforts around the Street, including at NYSE Euronext – Traders

Thursday’s market thrashing led to Facepalm Friday – NY Observer

Scenes from a trading floor – AFP (video), AP, AP, Bloomberg

Elsewhere on the streaming Exchanges blog:

Metal Streamer Silver Wheaton Marks Five Years of Trading

Markets Mixed, Closing News 8/5/11

Economic Indicators Review

National Minority Business Council at NYSE

On this date in 1876, Thomas Edison received a patent for the mimeograph (pictured). -- NYT

In my elementary-school days, the best job a kid could volunteer for was to turn the crank on the mimeograph machine, which printed all the handouts and tests.  And everyone loved smelling that fresh ink as you passed the new sheets around the room.  Ah, the mimeograph-inky smells of my youth. 

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