NYX 360: 6 January, 2012


Samuel Morse; image via Wikipedia

Samuel F. B. Morse (between 1865 and 1880) Pho...

Morse during his later "ZZ Top period"; image via Wikipedia

  • NYSE Euronext #1 globally in IPO proceeds raised in 2011 – WSJ, NYX press release and video
  • Fox Business News’ Liz Claman on covering the stock market and the role of traders – Talking Biz News (video)
  • News of upcoming IPOs: Ute Energy and SandRidge Mississippian Trust II
  • Fresh clashes brew over transaction-tax proposal – FT Trading Room
  • Yesterday and today in financial markets – Brian Hooghuis and Parasnand Madho/Exchanges
  • NYSE Liffe picks malting-barley varieties for 2013-2014 contract -- Bloomberg
  • Weight Watchers rises most since May on partnerships with American Express, NYSE Euronext -- Bloomberg, Barron’s, TheStreet.com
  • NYSE Euronext sets 10 February to announce financial results for fourth-quarter and full-year 2011. – NYX
  • Scenes from a trading floor --Bloomberg, Bloomberg
  • Annamaria Lusardi’s hopes for financial literacy in 2012 – Financial Literacy and Ignorance
  • Today’s History: On this date in 1838, Samuel Morse first demonstrated his telegraph. -- NYT In the following years, the invention would help broaden market participation by disseminating market data to investors and brokers far from exchanges.  And with that, let me say to all:   .... .- .--. .--. -.-- / ..-. .-. .. -.. .- -.--  

And for the Morse illiterates out there (like me), here’s a translator for that message.  Copy and paste the dots and dashes into the box (and don't miss those first four dots), and enjoy!  I especially like the audio feature, which sounds like an incoming wire in an old movie.

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