NYX 360: 4 March, 2011

New York Portfolio Clearing cleared for launch, ready for dogfight with CME (Forbes)

NYSE Euronext announces trading volumes for February 2011 (NYX)
Global derivatives Averaged 8.9 million contracts per day, up 8% vs. prior year
U.S equity options volumes up 33%; European derivatives (ex. Bclear) up 1%
European cash trading volumes up 23%, U.S. cash down 14%

Our CFO Michael Geltzeiler to present at the 2011 Citi Financial Services Conference (NYX

Corporate Responsibility Magazine's 100 best corporate citizens (CR)

High-frequency traders hunt the elusive picosecond (Dave Kansas/WSJ MarketBeat)

Shipping companies to participate in Capital Link Forum in cooperation with NYSE Euronext and some other market (SYS.CON)

S&P Indices licenses Factor Index Series to Factor Advisors (S&P)

Scenes from a trading floor -- sweeping up after the Great Crash in 1929 (Prison Photography -- cursor down the page)