NYX 360: 28 February, 2011

Report from Kairos Society meeting at NYSE: 'Maybe, just maybe, one of these companies will have the impact of Facebook' (Portfolio)

Initial public offerings expected to sprout in spring (WSJ)

Our Scott Cutler on the challenges and opportunities for corporate boards in 2011 (Corporate Board Member)

Officials prepare for wave of listings in China, including HSBC and NYSE Euronext (China Business News)

Fortegra CEO is (mostly) enjoying changes brought on by IPO (Florida Times Union)

ISE to launch controversial options orders (Dow Jones)

Regulators have a fight on their hands: the opacity of o-t-c derivatives (Reuters)

'Having to explain something to someone is often the best way to make sure you understand it yourself' (NYT)
Excellent lessons from Royal Caribbean CEO Richard Fan on listening, communication, mentoring and leadership

Juniper launches new data-center fabric, improving speed, scale, savings, simplicity (Juniper)

On this day in history: the Republicans are born as an anti-slavery party; Linus Pauling is born; Watson and Crick discover the double-helix; Nixon in China (NYT)