NYX 360: 21 July, 2011

Marshall McLuhan in the early 1970s

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Peel back the numbers, and trading volume is actually up since last December - STM

Investing public would benefit from plain speaking –FT Trading Room
“One puzzled [LSE] shareholder asked, ‘What is a dark pool?’”

Actually, Wall Street’s business is simple. As origami.  Says author Brendan Moynihan– Huffington Post

Traditional journalism critical to understanding debt crisis– Pamela Luecke, Washington and Lee

EU watchdog proposes guidelines on limiting high-frequency-trading risk– Reuters

Scenes from a trading floor– Terrific NYSE shot from Richard Drew, AP via Bloomberg

Operation Hope kicks off historic financial literacy forum at NYSE– Op Hope Blog
I’m heading down to the forum today at NYSE: “The Rebirth of America, Post Economic Crisis.” You can watch the live webcast here, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. EDT.   I plan to do some tweeting from there.

Elsewhere on the Exchanges blog, which is both the medium and the message:

Markets Lower, Closing News 7/20/11

MAC Desk Floor Report; A Discussion About Earnings, M&A and The Declining Vix

Software Provider Cover-All Technologies Lists on the NYSE

On this date in 2010, President Barack Obama signed into law the most sweeping overhaul of U.S. lending and high finance rules since the 1930s – the Dodd-Frank Act. – NYT

“Today the business of business is becoming the constant invention of new business.”  – Marshall McLuhan (pictured), born on this date 100 years ago. – NYT
Discuss: What would the great media theorist McLuhan have made of blogs, Twitter, FaceBook etc.?  For one, I think he would have seen them as helping to re-create the "village."  Or would it be reinforcing the self?

Here's one for a hot summer day: If you love going to baseball games, take one minute for this great capture of the “symphony” of sights and sounds of a game at the Stadium. - NYT

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