NYX 360: 15 September, 2011

Combining NYSE, Deutsche Börse could enable firms to post $4 billion less in margin – FT Trading Room, Bloomberg

US options trading floors to disappear?  Not so, says NYSE Amex’s Steve Crutchfield – Bloomberg

Ares Commercial Real Estate plans IPO of up to $250 million – WSJ

More than half of this year’s IPOs are trading below offer price – WSJ

Broker-dealers launch standards push for OTC trading of interest-rate and credit-default swaps – FT

NYSE member firms’ second-quarter financial results – NYX

Does spending on CSR and sustainability destroy economic value? – Amit Singh

What’s next for the mortgage market (conference at NYSE) – Two Harbors

Morning Report: September 15, 2011– Paras Madho/Exchanges

Markets Higher, Closing News 9/14/11– Brian Hooghuis/Exchanges

Russian Grains Industry: Time for Derivatives?– Elena Patimova/Exchanges

Updating Your Investor Relations Program– Andreas Panayi, FTI Consulting/Exchanges

Born on this date in 1876: Frank Gannett, American newspaper publisher and a founder of the eponymous, NYSE-listed media company-- NYT