NYX 360: 12 August, 2011

The first developers of IBM PC computers negle...

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Seeking Your Reflections and Recollections of 9/11-- Your humble blogger/Exchanges

Morning Report: August 12, 2011
– Paras Madho/Exchanges

Markets Higher, Closing News 8/11/11– Brian Hooghuis/Exchanges

SandRidge Permian IPO raises $540 million – less than expected, but it got done– Reuters

Primero Mining to list on NYSE– Primero

In sell-off, U.S. short-selling shields came up short– WSJ

Do you agree?  Disagree?

And can you say “Short-selling shields fell short in sell-off” five times really fast?

Short-selling ban could sow confusion and be ineffective, investors and academics warn– FT

Banning the shorts: don’t expect a lasting impact– Lex

Volatility boosts revenue at exchanges– FT Trading Room

The proper etiquette for market panics– Psy-Fi Blog/hat tip: FT

Stock market Richter scale – is this a 5.0?– FT Alphaville

Does high-frequency trading magnify/accelerate volatility?– ABC

Market ‘highly influenced’ by computerized trading: Dick Grasso – CNBC

"How is consumer confidence?" everyone wanted to know the very moment they were able to draw breath after screaming "global disaster" for six solid days. – LA Times

Scenes from a trading floor – Getty, AP, AP, AP

On this date in 1981, IBM introduced its first personal computer, the 5150 (pictured). - NYT

Here’s a happy sight at the end of this crazy week: Cutest dog you ever saw, on Wall Street – Sammy and the City

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