NYX 360: 11 August, 2011

Historical marker in front of Alex Haley's boy...

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Trading has been more orderly, less “spikey” than in past routs- FT

Consolidated volume in NYSE-listed issues at record levels this week– WSJ

Morning Report: August 11, 2011– Paras Madho/Exchanges

Markets Lower, Closing News 8/10/11 -- Brian Hooghuis/Exchanges

Investors Look to Futures as Market Volatility Continues– Marco Bianchi/Exchanges

Industry struggles with tide of data– FT

Bob Pisani: The bogeymen used to be NYSE specialists; now it’s high-frequency traders– CNBC

Institutional investors: Market’s volatile, but at least it’s liquid– Traders

Wild stock market frays nerves...in Bakersfield, Calif.  – Bakersfield Now

Markets Lower, Closing News 8/10/11

Scenes from a trading floor --  AP, AP, AP, AP

The Tweet suite: financial tech microblogs to follow– Securities Technology Monitor

Including your humble blogger’s!  Thanks STM -- an honor to be in such great company!

Financial literacy is for politicians, too– Annamaria Lusardi

You know markets are overheated when radio-station trivia contests ask about the Buttonwood Agreement

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On Aug. 11, 1921, Alex Haley, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author who chronicled generations of struggles and accomplishments of American blacks, was born. Following his death on Feb. 10, 1992, his obituary appeared in the NY Times.

“[‘Roots’] ended with an account of the burial of Mr. Haley's father, and the author's affirming "the hope that this story of our people can help to alleviate the legacies of the fact that preponderantly the histories have been written by the winners.'"

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