NYX 360: 10 August, 2011

A crowd forms on Wall Street during the Banker...

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What’s ahead for the market today, and what was behind yesterday’s rally—MarketBeat, FT Alphaville

The Market's Wild Ride– Ali O’Rourke/Exchanges

Morning Report: August 10, 2011 - Paras Madho/Exchanges

Monday's Sell-Off, By the Numbers– Your humble blogger/Exchanges

Rare photos of NYSE trading floor during the panic.  Of 1907.- MSNBC (At right: Related photo of the scene outside NYSE during the panic; note: this is not one of the rare trading-floor photos)

New crisis: We’ve run out of new words for “crisis”– FT Alphaville

“The place to be for this historic moment in our nation’s financial history is the NYSE…”– Liz Clayman/Fox News Insider

Critic’s memo to CNBC: Sometimes business news happens outside trading hours– Huffington Post

Finalists for Business Book of the Year named– Talking Biz News

What’s your fave?

Rare photos of NYSE trading floor during the panic.  Of 1907.- MSNBC

The future of public relations? College students offer their vision (winner gets lunch at NYSE!)– BusinessWire

Whatever the future is, hope it includes your humble blogger.

Is the crisis bringing out the Chicken Little in business journalists?– Media Matters

Aha, this explains everything: the Smurfs killed the stock market– The Atlantic

Scenes from a trading floor – AP, AFP

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Elsewhere on the Exchanges blog:

Markets Higher, Closing News

Thermal Engineer Thermon at NYSE

Deutsche Bank’s db-X Group Launches 5 ETFs

Born on this date in 1909: Leo Fender, inventor and manufacturer of musical instruments – most notably, the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars (died 1991). - NYT

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