Drivers of Stock Value


Shareholders and board members look to CFO’s and IRO’s for objective insight into stock price valuation and their plan for achieving superior shareholder returns. Historical approaches have focused on more complicated factors, such as growing earnings per share, increasing analyst coverage, and attracting more institutional investors. However, the link between corporate performance and value creation is much more straightforward. In fact, three key drivers fully explain a firm’s value: projected future investments, the expected return on those investments, and the cost of capital. Finance executives can greatly influence these drivers, and ultimately the valuation of the company.

 Listen to this webinar to learn:

1.       Apply a simple valuation framework that provides the market with improved visibility into the financial impact of your growth plans

2.       Quantify the impact of each competing potential investment on your company’s valuation

3.       Provide shareholders and board members with new insight on your relative valuation by also applying this framework to your peers