Virtual Field Trip to the NYSE

Here at the NYSE, we are always looking for ways to reach more students and teachers with information and teaching materials on the NYSE, financial literacy, and the financial markets. But not every class can come here in person. So, on Wednesday, April 11, 2012, we launched our second annual “Virtual Field Trip to the NYSE” through a partnership with Discovery Education as part of our annual Financial Literacy Week. Thousands of classrooms from around the world tuned in, and students and staff from Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), Council for Economic Education (CEE), and Junior Achievement (JA) joined us at the Exchange for this exciting broadcast by participating in a live segment at the end of the program. All three organizations are grantees of and partners with the NYSE Euronext Foundation.

The NYSE Euronext Virtual Field Trip is a one hour segment that features an inside look at many facets of the NYSE as a company. The program kicks off with an introduction by Duncan Niederauer, CEO of NYSE Euronext, who is followed by Alvin Hall’s segment on the historical context of the NYSE. The students are taken on a tour of the NYSE Trading Floor, where our hosts interview Broker Dealers, Designated Market Makers, and NYSE Euronext Floor Operations Team members. Viewers also get a glimpse of some of the varied internal positions that make our company work. Emony Robertson, a star student in the NFTE program, interviewed Stanley Young, CEO of NYSE Technologies, Marisa Ricciardi, Global Head of Marketing, and Lydia Doll, Associate of the Corporate Responsibility Team. They discussed their respective positions, their educations and backgrounds, and provided advice for students watching worldwide.

The program concluded with a ten-minute live Q&A session with Duncan Niederauer. The students from NFTE, CEE, and JA took turns reading Duncan questions submitted live from students around the world. Duncan addressed questions relating to trading safety measures employed by the NYSE, the different types of job opportunities within our company, and the Teacher Training Program our Education Team runs every summer.

The day didn’t end there for the students that visited the Exchange on Wednesday. Right after the live broadcast ended, the students from NFTE, CEE and JA were taken down to the floor to meet the Floor Broker Dealers and Designated Market Makers they just learned about. A representative from NFTE said the students were “grateful for the chance to see behind the scenes of the organization and learn how it operates.”

This tour was followed by a visit to the Museum of American Finance on Wall St. Their busy day concluded when they rang the NYSE Closing Bell to celebrate the launch of the Virtual Field Trip and to celebrate the three organizations’ good works in promoting financial literacy among students.

The NYSE Euronext Virtual Field Trip will soon be available on both the NYSE Euronext website and the Discovery Education websites, along with pre and post-field trip teaching materials as an effective educational tool for teachers.

Some feedback from students and teachers who tuned in from around the world:

  • “Thank you so much. This event was very timely and really made the subject matter comprehensible for my students. They were fully engaged the entire time!”
  • “Great event! I really liked the questions the students asked of the CEO. Well done!”
  • “Several classrooms in our school joined your live video webinar from the New York Stock Exchange. Is there a recording of it that we can watch again? We would love to continue to use this as a resource.”
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