Three million milestone

Another week, another milestone……or two. NYSE Liffe U.S. continues to grow and this week we are thrilled to announce  that we surpassed the 3 Million lots mark.  Yes, 3 million interest rate futures contracts traded in a short 8 weeks from launch.  Our Open Interest also continues to grow and is approaching 300,000.

We have a lot of customers to thank for these results, and we tried to do it this past week by hosting a Chicago event for our NYPC clearing firms, followed by an extensive round of one on one customers visits.  We are very appreciative that our clients take the time to tell us what is important for them in order to embrace NYSE Liffe U.S. as their platform of choice for interest rate futures.  Our goal is to establish NYSE Liffe U.S. an efficient platform based on innovative ideas such as capital and operational enhancements. The feedback and guidance the market is giving us are extremely valuable and we thank you for it.

Well, what’s also very valuable is that our market share in Eurodollar futures vs the incumbent continues to grow, from 2% to 3% to around 5% today – this is a strong display of confidence from the market and a tremendous boost of energy for our teams who are working hard every day to build this market.

Our latest initiative has been to complement the strong central order book liquidity we offer to the marketplace with the ability to complete wholesale transactions seamlessly and cost effectively.  Have you heard about our Wholesale Trader List? See here for details.

Next week our first Treasury futures roll will begin in earnest and we are ready to show our clients liquidity and opportunity…..see you soon on this space for more on the roll!