A New Record in MSCI Futures

Just wanted to update you on the latest in our migration of the mini MSCI Emerging Markets Index futures and mini MSCI EAFE Index futures to NYSE Liffe U.S.

As of Friday’s close, our combined open interest in the two contracts stood at almost 40,000. For the September expirations only, the open interest topped 24,000. Both of these are record levels for the contracts on our exchange.

Last Friday, we also traded a record 28,664 contracts, of which, roll activity played a significant part. We traded 5,274 rolls in the EM-based contract and 4,598 in the EAFE-based contract. Including block trades, the volume breakdown for Friday looks like this:

NYSE Liffe U.S.

MSCI Emerging Markets: 15,043 (Jun 11: 6,334; Sept 11: 8,709)

MSCI EAFE: 13,621 (Jun 11: 5,515; Sept 11: 8,106)

TOTAL: 28,664


MSCI Emerging Markets: 6,954

MSCI EAFE: 5,685

TOTAL: 12,639

Thanks again to all our customers and market participants! You guys continue to work with us and stay engaged in the process and we are very grateful.