Dec. 1: Deal Makers Talk 2012 Deals

On December 1 at the New York Stock Exchange: Deal makers discuss possibilities and pitfalls for deals in 2012. In this rapidly evolving yet skittish environment, what factors will sustain and accelerate the recent uptick in deal activity? What must Washington and Wall Street do, individually and collectively, to promote deals and reap the economic benefits they deliver? Where should dea lmakers be looking to do deals in 2012, domestically and globally, and what can they expect? Above all, what will it take to fuel the deal economy and ensure its activity continues its resurgence unhindered. 

All the above questions, topics and more will be addressed at The Deal LLC's gathering of senior corporate and financial deal makers and their advisers on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at the New York Stock Exchange. For more information on the agenda please go to