Promoting Women in Tech

Anthony Cinelli is an Event Specialist in the Event Marketing Division of Global Communications & Marketing, NYSE Euronext.

It's 2012 and women have achieved a strong presence in the workforce. Now we need to continue to support the advancement of women and continue to diversity women's participation across all sectors and industries. How? First, we need to identify the skills that are in demand both today and a decade out. Second, we need to foster an environment that engenders change with sense and sensibility and make a place for women at the table.

The information technology sector is one in which a greater participation of women is needed. Nothwithstanding the breakthrough rise of Marissa Ann Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, women have a long way to go in IT and tech.  There is opportunity in evolving platforms like cloud computing, mobile applications, Big Data analytics, and a host of other innovative technologies and tools. Such areas added 129,000 jobs from 2009 to 2012. 

Reshma Saujani, Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors for Girls Who Code, knows this. She has a dream and a vision of fertilizing the soil, and raising a crop of new talent with tendencies. Girls Who Code are a rich bounty of empowered adolescents from various backgrounds with aptitude and enthusiasm for math and computer science: some in peak form; others, admittedly possessing just enough DNA to continue to thrive.

As Former Deputy Public Advocate for the City of New York, Reshma Saujani brings strength as spokesperson, educator and champion; exuding compelling passion and drive in addition to an unwavering support for The Girls.  She is trying to take the intiative to the national level, exending to cities like New Orleans, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, and San Francisco. For more information and to participate, please see In the words of Thornton Wilder, “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure.  It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow." NYSE Euronext is proud to support Girls Who Code.

At the Girls Who Code Inaugural Gala held at The New York Stock Exchange, Monday, October 22, I was especially impressed by Greta Stein, who spoke of her evolution, like a poet describing her metamorphosis from a tightly closed seedling to a sprouting vine, now trailing through the garden, and spreading with offshoots in multiple directions.  The success she reaps, she also sows. Her yearning for something more, draws her up, arms outstretched to soak up the sun and flourish.  Greta’s newfound love has provided her with hirable skills to help support her family today, and she ardently professes her commitment to sharing her tools with her sisters and father, who she hopes to raise from more modest means in a favorable and promising climate.