Stichting Bikkel Anne and the Unlimited Magazine

Stichting Bikkel Anne is a foundation set up in April 2010 after Anne Mreijen was honoured by the Bart de Graaff foundation.

There is currently very little support available for young adults (over 18) suffering from chronic illness. That is why Anne decided to start publishing the Unlimited Magazine, which is a hybrid form combining patient information with a glossy format. Stichting Bikkel Anne has the support of several organizations, including the Rabobank for the Haarlem Region, and the Rotary Club Haarlem Kennemer Laat. The Rotary Club hopes that its fundraising event on 21 January 2012 will raise enough money to purchase a car for the editorial staff and all wheelchair transport. Irene van der Lubbe, chairman of Stichting Bikkel Anne sounds the gong.

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