NYSE Euronext Supports America’s Veterans

Book given to U.S. veterans in 1919 to help th...

Book given to U.S. veterans in 1919 to help them readjust to civilian life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shanene Pinder is a writer, editor and part of NYSE Euronext’s Human Resources Recruiting team. 

One of the greatest things a nation can do is to honor and support the veterans who took on the fight to protect its freedoms. Yet, too often and too easily, American industry forgets to consider U.S. veterans who return from the world’s battlefields and seek to apply their skills toward gainful employment. The statistics regarding the socio-economic plight of so many American veterans (high unemployment and homelessness rates) are both staggering and shameful.

NYSE Euronext cares, and through focused philanthropy coupled with offering dedicated employment opportunities, has created a unique and innovative space to make a difference in improving the lives of America’s veterans. One key initiative, the Veteran’s Associate Program (VAP), provides meaningful, professional assignments to veterans and veteran students over eight weeks in the NYSE Euronext’s New York office. The program, which launched this summer, is designed to foster learning about NYSE Euronext and its business through hands-on work projects. The VAP also features a comprehensive educational component consisting of weekly two-hour lunch and learn-style seminars and workshops conducted by senior executives of the company and leaders from the trading floor community.

Marshall Carter, NYSE Euronext Chairman of the Board of Directors, honored and decorated war veteran, serves as the executive sponsor of the VAP. In a recent article on CNBC.com, Mr. Carter championed the program.

The intent of the VAP is to leverage NYSE Euronext’s brand and partnerships to answer the question, “What can I do?” to help address our country’s veteran unemployment challenges. America’s veterans possess an incredibly valuable depth of knowledge, skills and experience that is unrivaled in the marketplace. Our hope and goal is to begin a wave of inspiration, to create a model program that can serve as a template and motivation to others in the business community.

In addition to the NYSE Euronext Veteran’s Associate Program, we are committed to supporting our country’s veterans through the following range of efforts:

  • NYSE Euronext Foundation is our philanthropic arm that provides funding to various veteran-focused organizations including the Congressional Medal of Honor, Wounded Warriors, No Greater Sacrifice, the Intrepid Museum and more.
  • NYSE Euronext Veteran’s Employee Resource Group addresses the issues that matter to our internal veteran community, such as sponsoring care package drives for our troops and military canine care packages for our four-legged fighters; and also partners with organizations that provide homeless veteran’s services.
  • NYSE Euronext Human Resources further extends its contribution to support America’s veterans by taking the initiative to provide permanent employment opportunities for veterans utilizing veteran’s job boards as a recruiting resource, and actively participating in the hiring fairs of the Veterans On Wall Street organization.

As the saying goes, “Don’t just talk about it, be about it.”  NYSE Euronext is proud to walk the talk as we maintain our commitment to our nation’s veterans. Together, as we continue to reach out to one another, we can all honor, support and enjoy the fundamental values of this great country.