NYX 360: 22 December, 2010

USANA Health Sciences to transfer to NYSE from Nasdaq (USANA)

 NYSE tweaks trading fees to encourage liquidity provision (Bloomberg)
-- To clarify: The fee changes are targeted toward Supplemental Liquidity Providers, which are two-sided market makers registered with NYSE– as most of the article itself states -- not at high-frequency traders (HFTs), as the headline and first paragraph of the article state.  Behold the mighty headline-usurping power of HFT!  Overall, the new schedule provides:


  • Higher rebates for clients and SLPs, including an SLP tier with a higher rebate for greater liquidity-providing activity;
  • Fee discounts for customers sending significant volume to our close; and
  • Higher NYSE Amex rebate/take levels for all customers.

New York Portfolio Clearing’s COO Ira Krulik among Wall Street’s top innovators (Securities Technology Monitor)

Trading community wish list: more time to respond to growing number of new rules (Trading Room/FT)

Scenes from a trading floor (Reuters/ABC, Fjcke/Flickr)