NYX 360: 21 December, 2010

A proud (and busy!) day for FedEx (FedEx blog)

Investor demand for diversification pushes depositary receipts to new records (BNY Mellon)

Chris Concannon: Bring back the block exemption (Traders)

Forged letters expose Nasdaq's low-profile fight over clearinghouse rules (Bloomberg, Wall Street & Technology)

Debate reopens over equity trading (Wait -- when did it ever close?)  (FT)

NYSE listings helping China erase ‘world’s sweatshop’ reputation (NPR)

Satyam wants to list again on NYSE (WSJ)

Our Steven Hirsch on why we value Netezza's TwinFin for large-scale analytics (Netezza/YouTube)

Deborah Scally named editor of Corporate Board Member magazine (NYX)

The bells of New York (including NYSE’s) (Joanna Infeld)

Backstory of the World Gold Council’s gold ETF (Bloomberg)

Executives who perceive diversity training to be positive are more satisfied with their careers (Ryerson/Newswise)