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Parasnand Madho
23 Jan, 2012 | 08:58 AM
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Ahead of the Bell: Dow futures are trading up 23 points and S&P futures are trading up 2 points.  Europe is in focus as euro zone ministers meet today to decide what terms of the  Greek restructuring they will accept, as a second round of bailout for the country, after negotiators for private bond holders said they could not improve their offer. ...
Charles Brown
18 Jan, 2012 | 11:11 AM
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Breakfast Bites: A flurry of earnings from financial institutions in combination with renewed concern by investors over Greece’s renewed debt-restructuring talks with its private creditors, had the futures trading in negative territory earlier this morning. Just before the open however, the market began to rise and we opened in positive territory as market sentiment was lifted on talks that International Monetary Fund could boost its lending resources by $1 trillion to help resolve the European debt crisis. ...
Parasnand Madho
18 Jan, 2012 | 08:58 AM
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Ahead of the Bell: Dow futures are trading up 40 points and S&P futures are trading up 5 points. Higher commodity prices and the anticipation of good earnings reports seem to be outweighing a World Bank’s warning to developing countries that the global economy will slump back into a downturn similar to the financial crisis of 2008 if the sovereign debt crisis in Europe does not get resolved. The report shows Europe could already be in a recession and the bank cut its global growth forecast to 2.5% for 2012 and 3.1% for 2013 from a forecasted 3.6% for each year, last June. ...
Courtney Raio
4 Jan, 2012 | 05:58 PM
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Despite a negative day for European bank stocks and concerns that Spain may need to go to the EFSF and IMF for financial support, U.S. bank stocks finished the day in positive territory and turned the direction of the markets around midday. ...