NYX 360: 30 November, 2011

Dick Clark, host of American Bandstand

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  • GETCO expands market-making services at NYSE – press release, video
  • We’re going red for World AIDS Day – Join Red
  • Nobody loves a stock that’s halted.  Which is why we’ve proposed changing the single-stock circuit breakers – WSJ
  • Israel Day at NYSE: a partnership of business innovation – Allgemeiner
  • Not enough market-making support for small- and mid-cap stocks, fund managers say – FT Trading Room
  • Why 24-hour stock trading never took off – MarketWatch
  • A Festivus charity event -- for the rest of us! - Minyanville
  • Scenes from a trading floor – Reuters
  • Today’s History: Dick Clark turns 82 today; I’ll always appreciate the role his “American Bandstand” played in bringing diverse musical artists into America’s living rooms.  -- NYT

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