NYX 360: 10 March, 2011

HCA prices IPO at $30 a share, making it largest-ever private-equity-backed IPO in U.S. (WSJ)
HCA’s IPO could generate new class of entrepreneurs (Nashville Public Radio)

On board at New York Portfolio Clearing: Bernard Dan, Richard Prager, Tom Wipf (Reuters)

CFO of CME says NYSE Euronext faces “tough” fight (Reuters)
Hey, we’ve said  it won’t be easy, but giving customers new choices and capabilities is worth it.

NYSE Euronext announces plan to launch board education program (NYX)

Future Fuel, chemical and biofuel company, to list on NYSE (StLToday)

Elsewhere on NYSE Exchanges: Todd Wilemon’s Complex Order Auction; Doug Chu's Fusion-io Files for an IPO with the NYSE; and Michelle Greene's Growing the Number of US companies Reporting on Sustainability

Great post by Alison Rose of the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy about a special day at NYSE (CECP)

Corporate Board Member releases free mobile app (NYX)

Bull market turns two, has teething pains (MarketBeat/WSJ); and what works in the third year of a bull run (MarketBeat/MarketWatch)

Shanghai Stock Exchange hammering out details of international board (WSJ)

NYSE Euronext’s first-quarter financial results to be announced 3 May (NYX)

Short interest declines on NYSE (WSJ)

On this day in 1868, in an audacious display of market manipulation, Jim Fisk, Jay Gould and Danield Drew engineered a corner of Erie Raliroad stock and then flooded the market with bogus shares of stock. (NYX)