Leading CEOs See Innovation as Critical to Growth


Image by Gnal via Flickr

NYSE Euronext just released the findings of its 7th Annual CEO Report.  For the first time, in addition to collecting insights from the CEOs of public companies, the report incorporates the views of CEOs of smaller private companies, as well as those of MBA students, providing a true multi-generational look at key issues facing global business leaders.

And when it comes to innovation, it’s no surprise that there is a real delineation between the three groups and their views on the best ways to foster innovation within their organizations.

While all three groups agree that fostering innovation is critical to driving and sustaining growth in their businesses, the “how” is where the generational gaps begin to show.  CEOs of public companies generally rely on communicating innovation success stories within their organizations or on acquiring businesses and new employees to drive innovation. CEOs of emerging companies believe in also providing employees with dedicated time to focus on innovation, and MBA students are more open to considering “out-of-the box” tools or ideas (such as “crowdsourcing”) to power their innovative processes.

For more insights on this topic and on other issues critical to senior business leaders, the highlights of the survey as well as the full report are available at NYSE Magazine.


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