Center for Work-Life Policy at NYSE

Leaders from the Center for Work-Life Policy (CWLP) visit the NYSE to celebrate the publication of the book “Winning the War for Talent in Emerging Markets: Why Women Are the Solution” (Harvard Business Review Press). In honor of the occasion, Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Ripa Rashid ring The Closing BellSM.

About Center for Work-Life Policy (CWLP)

The Center for Work-Life Policy (CWLP), a non-profit “think tank” based in New York City, has emerged as a thought leader in diversity and talent management, driving ground breaking research and seeding programs and practices that attract, retain and accelerate the new streams of talent around the world. CWLP’s flagship project is the Hidden Brain Drain Task Force—a private-sector task force focused on talent innovation. The 67 global corporations and organizations that constitute the Task Force—representing 4 million employees and operating in 190 countries around the world—are united by understanding that the full utilization of the talent pool is at the heart of competitive advantage and economic success.