Corporate Responsibility Equals a Company's Core Strategy

One of the key lessons from Commit! Forum at the Javits Center (and a parallel executive session here at the NYSE): "making the business case" for CR actions and reporting. As CR becomes increasingly integrated into broader corporate strategy, it may be that these conversations ultimately become obsolete. When CR is closely linked to core strategy, it becomes more material - and what is "material" gets reported, whether integrated reporting is required or not. This could be called the "mainstreaming" of CR and of related reporting. And this may be where the investment side is moving as well. If these topics are integrated into core strategies and businesses, they will increasingly be of interest not only to SRIs, but to all investors.

Ideally, we reach a place where there is no "CR strategy" because it is so fully integrated. We may have many steps between here and there (and some companies may have more than others), but the more effective we are in illustrating the imperative of strategic CR that aligns with business strategy, the more we move toward an integrated and mainstreamed model.