One Million Contracts… and counting!

We’ve got a lot to be excited about at NYSE Liffe U.S. - We have now traded in excess of one million interest rate futures since the launch of our Eurodollar market on March 21!!! As you know, these contracts are cleared by our new clearinghouse, NYPC (, which delivers important capital and operational efficiencies to market participants. As new firms enter our market, they have been impressed with the liquidity available - evidenced by growing average daily trading volume and open interest on our platform. Not to mention achieving 100,000 contracts traded for the first time on March 31.

We are continuing to work with new market participants everyday to provide them with access to our markets, and expect liquidity on the platform to continue to build in the coming weeks. There’s no issue, too big or too small. Over the last three weeks we’ve helped many new firms gain access to our markets, so please contact us at any time day or night as we stand ready to assist. Some of our customers have suggested that based on our responsiveness to their needs, it seems as though we’ve had our Blackberries surgically implanted! While that isn’t the case (just yet anyway), we sincerely appreciate their willingness to work through the process with us. We considered cloning as well…just kidding.

On behalf of the entire NYSE Liffe U.S. team, I want to offer a huge thank you for all your efforts thus far. We know it hasn’t been easy, but the best things never are! Without the support of a wide range of firms, from our market makers to our clearing members to the vendor community, we would not have reached this milestone. We are continuing to build out our platform and look forward to speaking with many of you about additional enhancements that we are bringing to market in the near future. We will continue to strive to work in partnership with the community to build a liquid interest rate futures market underpinned by innovation and an unwavering commitment to our customers.

For more information about NYSE Liffe U.S. interest rate futures, please visit and check our hourly volume updates here:

With only a month under our belts, every day is a fun new experience for us and we’d love for you to join us in helping to make the U.S. futures markets a better, more competitive place to trade and clear! Next stop, Two Million!