NYSE Technologies Launches Industry’s First Cloud Platform

On June 1st, NYSE Technologies announced the launch of the financial services industry’s first cloud platform, the Capital Markets Community Platform. Designed to increase business agility, simplify market access and reduce trading friction by utilizing rapid on-demand computing resources, this enterprise-level platform was developed in partnership with cloud computing experts VMware (NYSE: VMW) and EMC (NYSE: EMC) to address the unique performance and security requirements of financial services firms.

The Capital Markets Community Platform will offer a range of cloud-based services that enable customers to easily purchase the computing power required at a given time so they can focus on their core business strategy rather than complex IT infrastructure design and maintenance. It provides direct, on-demand access to the entire NYSE Technologies portfolio of high-performance, low-latency services. The Community Platform and all the related services are delivered over SFTI® with the scalability and reliability of NYSE Technologies’ regulated, transparent service model.

Through the Community Platform, NYSE Technologies offers clients a new model in customer service and business empowerment. By leveraging the company’s global reach as a leading exchange operator and technology provider, the cloud is a key component in creating a virtual capital markets community with rapid access to global markets and actionable market information.

The Community Platform expedites the creation and launch of new trading strategies and third-party services to the capital markets community through the rapid provisioning of computing power and market data within an ultra flexible, high-performance cloud framework. Plus, this comes with absolutely no hardware investment, costly infrastructure maintenance, or extended time to market for clients, giving them the opportunity to focus on their core business strategies.

Expected to go live on July 1, the Community Platform is currently beta testing with several customers, including Pico Quantitative Trading, Millennium Management LLC and others. It should be noted that this fully managed platform can efficiently meet the diverse trading needs of customers of all kinds from broker dealers and institutional investors to latency-sensitive trading firms anywhere in the world.