NYX 360: 4 May, 2012

, man who bought Manhattan for 24 dollars

Peter Minuit, with fabulous hat (Photo: Wikipedia)

  • VIDEO: Duncan Niederauer on trading moving away from public markets, building a school for autistic children, and more – Bloomberg TV; Fox Business
  • Related: Big Board traders launch fundraiser to build school for autistic kids – Traders
  • Related: High-frequency traders moving to less-regulated markets – Reuters, WSJ
  •  VIDEO: NYSE Technologies’ Stanley Young on how we can help the industry connect, operate and grow – FT Trading Room
  • Marie Forleo: From NYSE trading assistant to entrepreneur – Startup Princess
  • VIDEO: Ray Lewis on financial literacy for pro athletes and the larger community – Bloomberg TV
  • One week left to apply for our teaching fellowships – Michelle Greene
  • VIDEO: Wall St. and Washington: Jobs Act in effect – Clarke Camper
  • Actively managed ETFs small, but growing – Traders
  • Pitfalls on the road to an IPO – WSJ
  • Scenes from a trading floor – Reuters
  • Today’s History: On this date in 1624, Dutch explorer Peter Minuit landed on a quiet little island that we now call Manhattan. -- NYT

Sorry the 360 has been so quiet lately.  Day job keeps getting in the way.  That might be the norm, at least in the near term.  Consider this weekend reading/viewing.  Have a good weekend, my friends.


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