Highlighting the 2011 IP Business Congress

2011 IP Business Congress visits the NYSE. In honor of the occasion, representatives from the IP Business Congress (IPBC) rang The Closing BellSM, remotely from the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

The IP Business Congress 2011

The fourth IP Business Congress (IPBC) is taking place at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, from June 19- 21. Building on the success of the previous IPBCs in Amsterdam (2008), Chicago (2009) and Munich (2010), the IPBC 2011 will once again bring together thought leaders from the worlds of IP business and finance to discuss issues that centre on the creation and management of IP value. At a time when a growing number of corporations understand that intellectual property is a crucial asset, the IPBC has established itself as the world's pre-eminent business-related IP conference.

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