Biggest Day Yet for Mini Silver Futures Contracts on NYSE Liffe U.S.

From my colleague, Jennifer Ropiak, Vice President, Precious Metals Business Development, NYSE Liffe U.S.:

April has been an extremely active month for NYSE Liffe U.S. 1000 oz. mini silver futures...and we are loving it!  On April 25th 2011, NYSE Liffe U.S. reached record volume in its 1000 oz. mini silver futures contracts.  We traded 24,476 1000 oz. mini silver futures contracts which leapfrogged the prior record of 20,817 contracts, set on January 13, 2010. That's pretty good stuff.

Open interest hit its second highest level of 5,212 contracts. If all this wasn't enough, 1000 oz. mini silver futures ADV for April is 9.7K, up 133% compared to full year 2010 and up 90% compared to Q1 2011.  Those are increases that really show us just how much liquidity and market quality our customers bring to the marketplace.

From the low price traded on April 14 ($40.456) to the high thus far ($49.75), 1000 oz. mini-sized silver futures prices are up 23% while 33.2 oz. mini-sized gold futures prices have gained 4.7%. Silver prices have rallied with gold prices on the back of euro zone fiscal worries, currency debasement, and geopolitical uncertainty.

So, as you can see, when it comes to mini silver futures contracts, every cloud has a silver lining...sorry, I couldn't resist but all jokes aside, we are very pleased with the performance of these products and we thank our customers around the world for helping to make NYSE Liffe U.S. a high growth, highly liquid exchange.  We won't stop innovating and working for you!