Record Message Traffic in August

August is typically one of the quieter months of the year, but not this summer. Market volatility (VIX) spiked 80% month-over-month peaking at 48 on August 8, its highest level in over two years, leading to an unexpected surge in trading activity.

Industry equity volume has averaged nearly 12 billion shares per day (thru 8/19), up from under 7 billion shares in July. Year-over-year grow in equity volumes was 63% in August to date, while ETFs and options volume both surged 107% from last August.

NYSE Euronext cash and options trading platforms responded by successfully handling these tremendous volumes in August that hit records in messages per day (orders, cancels, cancel/replace).

In equities, NYSE message traffic grew 121% year-over-year hitting a record of 701 million messages on one day, while NYSE Arca processed a record 1.2 billion messages. In options, NYSE Amex message traffic also jumped over 100% year-over-year reaching a record 124 million messages in a single day, while NYSE Arca hit a record 140 million messages per day in August.