New Functionality for Trade Reporting Facility (TRF)

The NYSE Trade Reporting Facility (TRF) provides all FINRA member organizations with a low-cost and convenient way to report off-exchange trades to the tape. This automated trade reporting and reconciliation service facilitates the reporting of trades in NYSE, NYSE Amex, NYSE Arca and Nasdaq listed securities.

To improve the customer experience, additional functionality is being added to the NYSE TRF that will enable users to better input and manage trades entered on the TRF while also offering more transparency for compliance. These new tools will be integrated into the web-based Client Management Tool (CMT) for ease of use. Key capabilities include the ability to:

  • Enter Trade Reports via CMT
  • View Trade Reports entered via FIX
  • Modify and correct Trade Reports
  • Cancel existing Trade Reports

New clearing options are also available. The NYSE TRF will offer optional direct locked in trade submissions to DTCC for TRF participants. The existing QSR option for participants remains. New direct clearing options on a per trade basis have been added and the compliance module includes user defined tracking and alerts as well as a downloadable audit trail.

Access to the TRF is available via FIX.

For more technical information, contact Bob Hill (312) 442-7023, Dave Weiss (312) 442-7125 or Chris Mazzacano (312) 442-7053. For more general information about the TRF, please contact your Relationship Manager.