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Parasnand Madho
28 Oct, 2011 | 08:00 AM
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Ahead of the Bell: Dow futures are trading down 62 points and S&P futures are trading down 7 points following the previous trading session’s sharp gains after European leaders struck a deal to halt the regions debt crisis. The focus will be on Euro zone implementation of the plan. Traders are looking for a long term solution for Europe and the health of Italy is top of mind. Other countries in the EU block experiencing similar financial distress include Spain, Ireland, and Portugal. ...
Courtney Raio
27 Oct, 2011 | 04:45 PM
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Markets closed higher, sent soaring after the European leaders struck a deal early this morning on the terms of the EFSF. The Dow closed 339 points higher on the news as well as Q2 GDP and jobless claims that were in-line with expectations. The Dow closed above 12,000 for the first time since August 1, the day before the U.S. debt ceiling agreement. ...
Doug Chu
27 Oct, 2011 | 01:33 PM
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My colleague Scott Cutler recently sent out an analysis the NYSE performed looking at the US IPO backlog, conversion rates and correlation to the VIX called "Highest IPO Backlog in a Decade: How and When It Will Convert." He ended his piece with “I don’t think the return is too far around the corner.” This topic has proven to be quite interesting to our community so we offer the following additional analyses. ...
Steven W. Poser
27 Oct, 2011 | 12:44 PM
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In "Is the Equity Market Really More Volatile? – Part 1”, we introduced you to a very simple measure of volatility, by reviewing how often the Dow Jones Industrials Average changes by several discrete sizes on a day-to-day basis. We found that the recent August-September period, although volatile, was in line with many other periods in the past, and does not even rank all that high, if we consider the markets going back to the Great Depression. ...
Courtney Raio
26 Oct, 2011 | 04:39 PM
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Markets closed higher, near session highs, recovering most of yesterday’s losses in today’s session. The Dow closed up 162 points as investors reacted to details about the EFSF agreement leaked out of today’s summit of Euro leaders, good earnings, as well as encouraging economic reports. ...
Courtney Raio
25 Oct, 2011 | 04:48 PM
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Markets closed lower, breaking a three session winning streak. The Dow closed down over 200 points after investors were spooked by conservative outlook from companies reporting earnings. Concerning headlines ahead of tomorrow’s summit of European leaders to address the debt crisis and data that continues to show weakness in the U.S.economy added to the ill feelings. ...