NYSE Big StartUp Initiative Turns One

The week of March 18th, 2013, marks the one-year anniversary of the NYSE Big Startup jobs growth initiative, a program we designed to connect young companies and entrepreneurs with Corporate America. Thanks to the generosity of many listed companies and partners, including The Startup America Partnership, Accion USA, and Entrepreneur’s Organization, we’re lending support, experience and resources to startups and small companies to improve their procurement and training, networking and business development, and—perhaps most importantly—access to capital.

We're proud to have raised more than $1.5 million through the NYSE Jobs Growth Fund, which we created to support small, local businesses. We know that for every $1 million invested in the fund, 1,000 jobs are created. So we’re on our way to achieving our goal of boosting job creation.

In addition to the fund, we launched Small Business Connections, a curriculum-based road show that brought counseling and peer-to-peer networking to hundreds of small businesses around the U.S.

We also established Corporate Connections, an electronic matching engine that brings together startups and large companies. We’re delighted to have the support of The Coca-Cola Company, Wal-Mart Stores, General Electric, Intuit, Jones Lang LaSalle, American Airlines, and many others. Yet we’re just getting started. These well-established companies recognize the potential to be unlocked when engaging with small, high-growth companies, forming strategic relationships with entrepreneurs, quickly obtaining ideas and innovations, and driving demand for the goods and services of these young and growing businesses.

We’ve learned a lot during our first year of this collaborative, business-to business project, and will continue to leverage those lessons, building on the excitement and momentum. In 2013 and beyond, we’ll bolster the program’s visibility, achieve greater scale and expand Corporate Connections.

Job growth remains one of our nation’s most important issues, and we’re proud to take an active stance in helping to promote it. The NYSE Big StartUp extends our role as an active advocate for investors and issuers on key policy and regulatory matters, especially those focused on business growth, capital formation and job creation. In fact, we took on an important role in advocating for the creation and passage of The JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) Act. In a few short weeks we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of this milestone legislation, which aims to make it easier for small businesses to raise capital and go public.

We look forward to building new partnerships, bringing more listed companies into the fold and engaging with many more emerging growth companies. Small businesses and entrepreneurs are our neighbors, our customers, and our future. And America’s corporations can be part of the economic solution. Please visit www.nysebigstartup.comto learn more about how you can get involved.