NYX 360: 30 December, 2011

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Bo Diddley

Your humble blogger is taking a break from his winter break to share some items that just didn’t want to wait ‘til next week.  So set aside that eggnog and pop this cork a little early -- here comes the last 360 of 2011.  Best wishes for peace, health, prosperity and happiness in 2012, my friends.

  • Prosperity Bancshares switches to NYSE – Houston Business Journal
  • Energy products distributor Edgen Group files to list IPO on NYSE – Edgen
  • Larry Leibowitz talks with Jeff Mackie about high-frequency trading, market structure and regulation, and investor confidence – Yahoo Finance! (video)Hey Yahoo, where’s the “report” button to report hateful language in the comments?  When someone is making anti-Semitic comments, it’s not enough to just let readers vote “thumbs down” on the comment.  There's no room for hate speech in
    English: Patti Smith performing at TIM Festiva...


    civil discourse. 

  • On the anniversary of Muriel Siebert’s NYSE membership, a history of women on Wall Street – Bloomberg
  • Should we build a stock-market simulator? – Felix Salmon, Gillian Tett
  • Pinstripe Bowlers visit NYSE, NYC -- WSJ, Star-Ledger, Iowa State Daily, Des Moines Register, Iowa Gazette
  • I was also moved by the teams' comments about visiting the 9/11 memorialDes Moines Register, GoCyclones
  • The war on financial cyber-terrorism – The Economist
  • Retired NYSE member Charles Henderson recalls ‘Wall Street days ‘charged with electricity’ – Palm Beach Daily News
  • Ringing the bell for women in finance – Henrico Citizen, NBC, Business Review
  • IBM at 100, still inventing itself -- eWeek
  • MIT Sloan Fellows’ visit to NYSE -- MIT
  • Best Christmas tree displays in NYC, including ours – cheapo air
  • From a sawmill to the NYSE, the Camp story – Historical Marker Database
  • Scenes from a trading floor -- Reuters, AP, Reuters, Bloomberg
  • Scenes from a trading floor, with PUPPIES! – Helen Woodward Animal Center
  • Charlie Chaplin on Douglas Fairbanks' shoulders outside NYSE, 1918 – Tom Clark
  • Light volume?  Time for a limerick – Limericks Economiques
  • We’re gonna party like it’s 1899 – Steven Wheeler/Exchanges
  • Today’s history – Asa Griggs Candler, a developer of Coca-Cola, was born on this date in 1851. -- NYT  Some notable birthdays in pop and rock music today: Bo Diddley (1928-2008); Paul Stookey, 74; Michael Nesmith, 69; Davy Jones, 66; Patti Smith, 66; and Jeff Lynn, 64.


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