NYX 360: 23 June, 2011

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Vanguard Health Systems holds modest gains after IPO - WSJ

Venture capitalists think IPO volume is low, unhealthy – Reuters, A VC, FirstPost

Europe faces struggling IPOs - WSJ

NYSE Euronext makes case for free IR services – Business Insider

How insider trading becomes endemic – Felix Salmon/Reuters

Flash mob performs iPhone “symphony” outside NYSE – WNYC

USA Today has a new Money section front, with more prominent market data – USA Today

I‘ll be tweeting live from the NYSE trading floor tomorrow, for the annual reconstitution of the Russell indexes.  Follow me on Twitter, @RayPellecchia, and the hashtag will be #Russell.

From the newly crowned Exchanges blog:
Morning Report: June 23, 2011
Markets Lower, Closing News 6/22/11
Newly Crowned Miss USA Rings The Closing Bell
Wondering How NYSE Became The Leader For Tech IPOs?
Healthcare Delivery Network Vanguard Health Celebrates IPO

On this date in 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes received a patent for an invention he called the "Type-Writer" (Sholes' 1873 model pictured here). - NYT 
…Which leads, directly or indirectly, to most everything we read today.  Thanks, Mr. Sholes!

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