NYX 360: 17 December, 2011

First flight of the Wright Flyer I, December 1...

First flight of the Wright Flyer, 1903; image via Wikipedia

  • How the Volcker Rule could impact equities market making – Traders
  • Provident New York Bancorp to move to NYSE from Nasdaq – Provident
  • Kate Mitchell testifies on IPO legislation – nvcaccess
  • Eight ways to sustain a stock exchange – Green Biz
  • Finra says broker fines jumped 53 percent -- Reuters
  • Defining the indefinable – high-frequency trading – The Daly Post
  • BusinessWire’s critique of Nasdaq’s issuer-services proposal -- BusinessWired
  • Ghana’s President Mills, at NYSE, makes case for investment -- Ghana, GhanaWeb, Graphic
  • After 3 months behind Wall Street barricades, Milk Street Café closes – Daily News/WSJ
  • Scenes from a trading floor -- Bloomberg, Reuters

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Today’s History – On this date in 1903, Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first successful man-powered airplane flight, near Kitty Hawk, N.C.  Here is the related New York Times article.

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