NYX 360: 11 March, 2011

HCA IPO raises $3.9B – largest private-equity-backed IPO (NYX)

Bclear processes one billionth contract (NYX)

Business leaders, members of Congress discuss how to boost economy, jobs (NYX)

Cracking the code on connection between innovation and economy (John Hope Bryant/Huffington Post)

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard tours NYSE, says U.S. is ‘doing it tough’ (Herald Sun, CNBC)

Best start to a year for new listings (FT)

Elsewhere on NYSE Exchanges: Three Trips a Charm--HCA debuts again on the NYSE!; SEC's Mary Schapiro on Preventing Another 'Flash Crash'; and Peru Day at NYSE

Amex building sale yields final payment to seat holders (Traders)

Scenes from a trading floor (Reuters/Yahoo! News)