Salient Partners Celebrates Recent Listing


Salient Partners visited the NYSE to celebrate the listing of the Salient MLP & Energy Infrastructure Fund (NYSE: SMF), which listed on the NYSE in May 2011. SMF is managed by Salient Partners, an $18 billion asset management firm. SMF, a closed-end fund, invests in master limited partnerships and other energy infrastructure assets. In honor of the occasion, President of the Salient MLP Complex Greg Reid rang The Opening BellSM.

About Salient Partners:

Salient Partners has been an innovator in the development, management and distribution of sophisticated investment solutions and products for both individuals and institutions. Salient’s investment strategy employs a quantitative approach to asset allocation, an intensive process to identify skill-based managers, a determined effort to help reduce costs across portfolios through the use of passive investments where appropriate and an integrated risk management framework.  The end result is a cost-effective solution that seeks to judiciously integrate private investments and hedge funds into a diversified portfolio with the objective of enhancing returns and reducing overall portfolio volatility.  Salient Partners also has a sophisticated sales and distribution model that provides its clients and investors a with high touch service proposition.  For more information on Salient Partners and its professionals, please visit