NYSE Euronext Teachers’ Workshops

We currently have a group of teachers here at the NYSE for our Teachers’ Workshops.  Steve Mariotti, who presents at our Workshops and helps to select Fellowship winners for them (and is also a founder of NFTE, one of our key financial capability partners), did a great blog on the Huffington Post that captures many of the reasons we support teacher training.  Check out the full article here.

Mariotti writes, "I was invited back to the NYSE to speak to participants in a wonderful program they have hosted for the past 26 years, the NYSE Teachers' Workshop, where 35 of the top business and economics teachers had come together to strengthen teaching and learning." He had six insights for the next generation: comparative advantage, importance of listening, power of planning, economics of one unit, communications, importance of people. These are further detailed in his interesting piece.

You can also learn more about our Teachers Workshops and the Fellowships many of the teachers receive in my piece on the program as well as this press release.