NYSE Euronext Goes Carbon Neutral

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NYSE Euronext is now the first global exchange operator and technology provider to become carbon neutral. We purchased RECs and carbon offsets to achieve carbon neutrality for 2010. More details are here. In addition, today we also launched a new environmental policy (here) that establishes baselines for our environmental performance and sets quantitative, measurable targets for our future performance. This policy also calls on employees throughout the company to contribute to our environmental sustainability efforts in their daily activities.

Internally, our path to today’s announcements is a good illustration of CR working as it should. Individuals in our facilities and real estate teams saw opportunities for the company to be more environmentally responsible, and proposed actions – big and small. Company leadership saw the value in these actions and supported them, which empowered people to think even bigger. From the solar project at Basildon [link to earlier blog] to carbon neutrality, a combination of leadership and individual initiative in different parts of the company has helped us to grow our efforts in environmental sustainability in ways that are good for both the company and the planet.   


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