Financial Capability Week 2013

April has brought a host of events, bells, spotlights, and global partnerships focused on the 2013 Financial Capability week. We have been so busy hosting these that we are just now catching our breath to blog about them. In the coming days, all of this information will be available on our CR website. For now, we wanted to provide a quick overview of Financial Capability Week 2013, with follow up blogs on different topics. We also have a few other events scheduled during April (financial literacy month) and will speak about those as well (see my post on empowering women).

Each year,  NYSE Euronext hosts Financial Capability Week during April at our locations around the globe. In the past few years, Financial Capability Week has brought hundreds of financial capability leaders together throughout the world, shone a spotlight on dozens of organizations doing good work in the space, and provided nearly 100,000 students with the opportunity to participate in a “virtual field trip” to the NYSE that included a live Q & A with our CEO via webcast.

You can see the press release with the overview of 2013’s events here. Given who we are and what we do, we believe that we have a responsibility to promote financial capability. We act on that responsibility throughout the year, and we host Financial Capability Week annually for three main reasons. First, we seek to raise awareness of the importance of financial capability – and, in particular, of particular issues in the field. For example, this year Financial Capability week included substantive events and forums on issues from Women and Girls’ Financial Capability to Innovation to financial fitness in the workplace to the role of STEM education in promoting financial literacy. Second, we seek to shine a spotlight on companies and organizations doing great work to improve financial capability. Our listed companies include many of the world’s leaders in this area, and we want to showcase their contributions both on the corporate side and through their philanthropic work. Similarly, we partner with many non-profits and with policymakers who are having a real impact on financial capability, and by hosting Bell Ringings and substantive events, we can highlight their good work. Finally, we all know that increasing financial capability and helping individuals get the tools and information they need to build brighter financial futures requires contributions from every sector – private, public, and non-profit. Our events seek to promote collaboration and encourage the formation of partnerships across topic areas and sectors. We seek to lead by example here as well, and we announced our own exciting new partnerships to promote workplace financial fitness. In addition, we already have gotten reports of some promising collaborations that may have resulted from people coming together in our events this past week – we will keep you posted!

So, continue to watch this space as we roll out videos, photos, and blogs on our Financial Capability Week 2013. You’ll hear what Nobel Prize recipient Mohammed Yunis believes about our current generation, what young girls had to say in the Girl Scouts USA Financial Capability Survey launched at the NYSE this week, how Northern Ireland is linking STEM education and financial literacy, how Second City (the comedy troupe) makes workplace financial fitness fun to watch and how the Portugese business community is coming together to help young professionals.