NYSE Euronext’s Brand-New Look

NYSE Euronext’s Brand-New Look

NYSE Euronext is sporting a bright new look today, and there’s good reason for that. Our company has transformed dramatically over the course of the last five years, so we’re rolling out a new brand identity that better represents both our position today, and our direction for the future.

Unlocking Potential

Our new branding evokes an organization with both a strong vision and rich heritage, positioned to pursue our growth strategy empowering the world’s capital market community to innovate and collaborate.

The new icon – an abstract representation of the globe – visualizes the concept of unlocking the potential of our worldwide community. Simple yet impactful, the image conveys the dynamism of NYSE Euronext’s markets, the connectedness of our community and the diversity of our people. Multiple color bars represent our broad array of product offerings, geographies and cultures, projecting a company and community in constant motion. The blue and green color palette reflects growth and optimism; the lighter hues convey our commitment to transparency, and the bolder colors recall our storied historical role in developing the world economy.

Our community is unrivaled in size, quality and connectedness. And as we said at our Investor Day last month, our strategy of empowering customers to reach across oceans and asset classes is gaining traction.

The Time is Right

Our brand identity has always changed over time to reflect our evolving company, and now we’ve literally outgrown our previous icon – two portals symbolizing the merger of NYSE Group and Euronext in 2007. Development of the new logo and look actually began some time ago and was put on hold during the NYSE Euronext-Deutsche Börse merger discussions. Now NYSE Euronext is moving on, with a new look that reflects our clearly defined growth strategy.

While we respect our rich tradition,we’re not bound by it. We trace our roots to the very first financial markets in Amsterdam in the early 1600s and the founding of the New Stock Exchange in 1792.  From helping to finance the first global trading to the Industrial Revolution and Information Age, we have always connected companies, capital and ideas. Doing so today is more important than ever, and our listed issuers lead the world in capital raised through initial public offerings.

Today, our industry-leading liquidity centers, global clearing plans and the growth of NYSE Liffe U.S. are just three of the many signs that we will continue innovating ways to serve the community.

The greens of our new look differentiate us from the uniformly blue logos of other exchange groups as well as the banks and broker dealers who are both our competitors and customers. It’s also a fitting choice because we’re the first and only global exchange group to be carbon neutral. Even the new fonts – Akko, DIN and Calibri – have been selected to be more environmentally friendly, using less ink and paper than our old fonts.

The new brand approach also reflects the vibrant energy and diverse, global composition of our workforce.  Our people have a strong track record of volunteering time and resources to charitable organizations around the world. We work our community strategy every day through our “ICE-T” values: Innovating with Purpose; Collaborating Productively; Engaging with Clients; and Thinking Broadly.

It takes, well, more than a village, but a community to execute a change like this. I want to thank our agencies for contributing their expertise as we developed our new approach, as well as my many colleagues throughout the company who either lent a hand in the creation of the new identity or have helped us roll out the new look everywhere from signage in our locations around the world to our online presence. You won’t see a campaign from us on this – we’re focused on engaging with customers on the benefits of our community, and you’ll see the new brand look organically in those communications.

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